Speech Themes


Lead Self

Elevate your leadership fitness: leaders too often sacrifice the very forces that allow them to be successful: physical fitness, mental fitness and more importantly moral values. Dan shares his strategy to optimize one’s potential and better prepare to lead an organization.
Ignite your emotional intelligence: Gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, develop self-awareness and learn how to control your emotions in order to improve interactions with your team.
Organization skills best practices:  plan for the future, prepare for the unexpected and organize yourself efficiently to spend time on the activities that bring real value to your organization.

Lead Team

Talent selection, training and development: Identify the right skills, passion and attitude that will bring success to your organization. Develop your workforce to foster an environment of continuous improvement and reduce turn over.
Expectations and accountability: define clear operating practices and keep your team accountable with tried and tested best practices.
Recognition and feedback: not all recognition is effective. Likewise, second rate feedback can easily backfire. Bring impactful “behavior based” recognition and feedback to your organization that will foster trust and engagement.

Lead Organization

Culture by design, the Disney way: There is a method to the magic. Learn how to promote the right behaviors that create great culture for your organization.
Build a framework for service excellence: discover the tools that will allow your team to consistently create great service for your customers.
Bring “magic” to your organization with creativity and innovation:  Learn to inspire and leverage your team’s creative talents and ideas.