Method to The Magic

Outstanding Customer Service by Design. Series of ten 45 minute webinars. Also available individually.

Based on their popular “Method to the Magic” workshop, Dan and Valerie have developed a series of 10 webinars outlining their approach to delivering outstanding customer service. The webinar addresses all the leadership insights and tactics necessary to creating a framework for service excellence that is relevant and applicable to any organization.

dan cockerell webinar give blood play rugby concept cockerell consulting group
Leadership lessons from playing the game of Rugby, 45 minutes.

Inspired from Dan’s passion for the sport and drawing upon his years playing in the US and in France, this webinar highlights the leadership fundamentals that drive a team to success: building teams with diverse skills and talents, adopting an effective onboarding and training process, igniting passion and commitment, improving teamwork by fostering trust and mutual respect

dan cockerell how's the culture in your kingdom? book release august 2020

How's the Culture in Your Kingdom?

4 Pillars to Effective Leadership. Series of four 60 minute webinars.

Based on Dan’s book, this webinar addresses the fundamentals of effective leadership.

Lead Self: physical, mental, moral and organizational fitness.

Lead Team: selecting and training, building great relationships, recognition and feedback.

Lead Organization: vision and strategy, quality standards, training & development, and measurement.

Lead Change: Continuous improvement, creativity and innovation.

Dan cockerell consulting group webinar concept ryoan ji
Leadership lessons hidden in a Kyoto Zen garden, 45 minutes.

In the most unexpected location, Dan has found the perfect illustration for fundamental leadership competencies: diversity, clarity and teamwork. He will discuss how complementary skills and talents, clear goals and expectations, engagement and empowerment help your team problem solve and overcome obstacles. 

All webinars can be scheduled to fit your timeline. A recording will be made available for a limited time after the live session.