The “Method to the Magic Workshop”

(6 to 8 Hours)

Drawing upon their combined 41 years of Disney experience, Dan and Valerie facilitate the “Method to the Magic” workshop outlining their approach to building a great culture that stems from world class leadership and results in customer service excellence.

During the session, Valerie describes in detail how to build a framework that fosters empowerment and employee engagement. Dan continues the session in an interactive and conversational format, sharing leadership insights and tactics as well as real life stories from his various roles at Disney.

To create an inclusive learning environment, the workshop combines traditional teaching methods with insight-based learning, visual presentations, interactive tasks, and group work.

The key difference between their workshop and others is that they are not professional facilitators. They are business leaders who love to teach. They are willing to customize the session to fit your needs and are open to discussing their successes and failures as tools to better illustrate their points.

The “Method to the Magic” workshop

Duration: 6-8 hours

Number of participants: up to 50

Location: To be determined

Format: insight-based teaching, combined with activities and group conversations