balanceBalance is the holy grail of life and I don’t know if we’ll ever really find it.

A concept I learned a long time ago is the difference between problems and dilemmas. Problems have solutions and dilemmas can only be managed. I think balance is one of those dilemmas where there never is a final answer.

Everyone deals with balance and is trying to figure it out.

Your behaviors define who you are and getting your priorities right is the first step.

Shockingly, my number 1 priority is myself because if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be much good to anyone else. A good example of this is when you’re in an airplane and they tell you in an emergency to put on your oxygen mask first then to help others.

Some basic personal needs you have are to make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, and hydration.

My second priority is my family and my third is my career.

Sometimes you have to do a trade-off to accomplish things but you can’t do everything.

Balance plays into the leadership and culture of an organization. As a leader, if things aren’t good at home, you don’t feel good about yourself, or you’re worried about other things, your ability to lead well could suffer. You have to be a role model for your team too.

It’s important to take all of your vacation days and to disconnect by delegating to other team members when you’re out otherwise burnout will happen. If you don’t recharge you won’t come back refreshed.

Your home and work life are connected. Taking care of yourself will influence the culture of an organization.

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