Come Rain or Shine Episode 286 Give Em the Pickle rebroadcast[Rebroadcast of one of Dan’s favorite episodes.]

One of my favorite customer service books is from legendary author and speaker Bob Farrell. In his book, ‘Give ‘Em the Pickle’, he discusses how to improve client satisfaction and retention through three words, “I’ll be back.”

However, as Jody and I explain in this episode, to earn this phrase, one should not rely on the protocol alone. Contrarily, if you want to go above and beyond in our affairs, dare to fuse selfless service with common sense.

But Dan? How do we equip our employees to do this? The answer is simple: Have a framework to empower from. Give your team the confidence to make critical decisions and proactively communicate expectations.

By doing this, you can ensure your organization will give clients a reason to tell positive stories about you.


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