clarity in communicationIf you’ve ever wanted to know how to better lead through effective communication, you must hone the bottom line of your expectations.

In this episode, I discuss the importance of communication, its benefit on organizational culture, and how greater clarity can enhance objective outcomes.

Whether you’re a supervisor or supervisee, at the end of the week, it’s critical for employees to have a platform to share what they know. In our case, I encourage each of my employees to share three topics – three things they think I should know. By promoting group-wide participation, I can then integrate their responses into future projects, presentations, and business meetings. I always emphasize the goal behind the request which is to understand specifics from a personal, surface level as opposed to an aerial one.

As a leader, helping my employees understand the process of knowledge transfer is key to how I manage their contributions, but more importantly, how I convey their big-picture significance. While some employees may struggle to adjust, by emphasizing thorough communication through curating responses, I boost their sense of morale and capacity to see beyond their role.

In the end, by giving team members an opportunity to voice content, not only do we improve communication in the office, but also with our clients and customers.