Join me for the Leading Your Kingdom CruiseLeading the Kingdom Cruise.

October 28th – November 1st leaving from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The culture of an organization is like the weather. On the Leading Your Kingdom Cruise, you are going to learn how to influence the weather in your Kingdom.

You can sign up for the Leading Your Kingdom Cruise Here.

Five Reasons You Should Join me for the Leading Your Kingdom Cruise

  1. A cruise is a cost-effective way to get away for several days and learn. Unlike most conferences or seminars you would go to, your lodging and meals are covered in the price.
  2. Get away from your usual routine so you can learn and reflect.
  3. Get a seminar each day from me, Dan Cockerell, 26-year Disney Veteran and former VP of the Magic Kingdom.
  4. Spend time with like-minded, leadership focused people who can infuse new ideas into your organization.
  5. Learn in a real-life lab, immersed in the operation of a Royal Carribean Cruise. Experience their service, see how they put on a show, and discuss what you see so we can all learn from it.

Day 1: Welcome Reception. Meet Dan Cockerell, Jody Maberry, and other participants of the cruise.

Day 2: Focus of the day is Lead Self First.

Before you can lead other people you need to take care of your own mind, body, and soul

Add on session: Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment Workshop.

Day 3:  Focus of the day is Leading Your Team.

Once you’ve developed yourself, you are ready to lead others. We’ll explore the approach I used at Disney to lead the 12,000 cast members of the Magic Kingdom.

Add on session: 10 person Mastermind. Sit with a group of people together to discuss personal business challenges. This is more personal and focused than the keynote sessions.

Day 4: Focus of the day is Storytelling.

Learn how Disney operates through stories from my 26 years with the company. From parking cars, to running the Magic Kingdom, and everything in-between, I have collected enough Disney Stories to entertain and educate you for more than a day, so I will be pulling out some of the best so you can understand how you can apply the magic to our operation.

Add on session: 10 person Mastermind. Sit with a group of people to focus on your personal business challenges.

Day 5: Return to Port

You can expect some magic and surprises during the cruise.

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