problem or dilemmaTo keep a team operating smoothly, you need to understand the balance of recognizing and rewarding individual performance and team performance. You get what you reward, so you have to find a way to show both individual and team performance are important.

To go along with this, you have to understand the difference between a problem and a dilemma.

A problem has a solution and a dilemma is something you have to work with. With a problem, you can work towards a solution.

If you treat everything like a problem you will become frustrated. Dilemmas have no solution. You can only manage it. You will never be done, you have to address it every day.

Getting teams to work together is a dilemma. You will have to solve problems within the team. But the ongoing process of performance and recognition is a dilemma.

This episode of Come Rain or Shine was recorded with a live audience at Kleinhan’s Music Hall in Buffalo, NY.