four keys to a great guest experienceAt Disney World, we used Four Keys to engineer a great experience for every guest.

1. Safety
2. Courtesy
3. Show
4. Efficiency

We call them the four quality standards. These standards give us a way to put behaviors behind our concepts like “creating magic” or “creating an escape for guests”.

With the quality standards in place, it gives our leaders and cast members a framework on how to make decisions. With the framework comes clarity. With clarity comes consistency.

Think about how consistent the service and experience is at Walt Disney World. When over 75,000 cast members are on the same page about quality standards, you can understand the power of the four keys.

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, I explain why they four keys are in the order they are in, and why it matters to create a great guest experience.
If a guest does not have a great time at Disney World, it comes from a break down in these four quality standards.

Every business can apply quality standards. You don’t have to use the same standards as Disney, but you do have to be solid and consistent in your standards.

When standards are in place, employees can understand when and how exceptions they can make.

Consistent standards are how culture happens. When the whole team is working from the same quality standards, behaviors start to ripple through the entire organization.