dan cockerell podcast disney magic kingdomThe one thing I used to worry about at the Magic Kingdom is that I had a blind spot or something I wasn’t aware of going on in the park. I wanted to do my best to know what was going on on the frontlines.

To do this, I’d visit the park as a guest once a month. I’d listen to what the other guests are saying and try to see things from their point of view. I’d take note of what worked well and what didn’t along with what they thought was confusing or needed more clarification.

I’d call the customer service department to see what that experience was like for a guest. I’d have a roundtable discussion with cast members asking what we should start, stop, and continue doing.

Ask your team members, “if you were me, where would you be spending your time?” You can get a lot of information from doing this. The best present you can get is people be truthful to you.

Ask your regular customers to give you feedback and give them something in return for taking the time to let you know how a part of your business can be improved.