After previously discussing the second key of courtesy, in this episode, I rejoin the podcast to discuss our third key, show.

Once people are safe and secured in a highly courtesy environment, it’s important to focus on infrastructure.  First impressions are important as they cement the memory for most people. Accordingly, staying in character, paying attention to maintenance and cleaning issues, even the background music must be set just right.

Since the value of the show is helping people feel right where they are, it’s important to emphasize attention to detail. While performance and customer service are clear examples of direct show, for many the indirect elements such as the wood, odor, color, and glass can prove just as memorable.

If you want to improve your show from a design perspective, evaluate the areas needing the most creative touch. Similarly, with performance, think about what your customer will sense and how they want to interact before and after the main event.

Ultimately by developing simple checklists while setting specific expectations, you will add a lot of value not only to the experience but everyone associated it.