leadership lessonsRecently, my son’s soccer team won the Florida 2A state championship.

After they won, I took a step back to figure out how this team made it all the way to the final and won. There were many good soccer teams in the state, so what was special about my son’s team?

The team did not have a star player. The team won because every player contributed and filled in when and where they were needed. Each player understood their role and was prepared to step up when the time came.

The leader understands the dynamics of the team. Understanding the pulse of your team allows you to understand when to push harder, when to pull back, and how to get the team to perform better. A leader in tune with the team does not just manage a group of people.

A growth mindset wins no matter the outcome. A fixed mindset needs to win the match to get something out of it. A growth mindset learns through the process.

Don’t hesitate to give credit to others. It takes the effort of everyone to achieve success. Championship caliber teams realize and recognize the effort of everyone.