Have you ever been called into an office by a boss not knowing what the meeting was about? Perhaps you’ve worked in a position for years only to find yourself directionless wondering what it would take to reach the next level. If you can relate, I want to encourage you to see the connection between standing and shortlist.

In corporate culture, our status plays a significant part in our performance; however, for many of us, it’s also important to know where those efforts are going. One of the ways we can help navigate is the shortlist, a pool of candidates highlighting those most qualified for an applied position.

While a shortlist is often communicated through the lens of promotion, it’s essential we view it as a way to give and receive feedback. In my experience, whenever I made intentions known to superiors, I almost always came away with a better understanding of what I needed to elevate my production. As I discuss in this episode, by making it easy for your leaders to give you feedback, you ultimately position yourself to reach the shortlist you’re aiming for.