priorities disney magic kingdom dan cockerellAt Disney, I was responsible for 12,000 cast members. Jody and I talk about how I prioritized things.

Everyone has the same amount of minutes in a day to get things done. It’s just about how you use that time.

There is no magical formula and it really is a dilemma. You have to make a list, be relentless about what you prioritize, and put the most important stuff at the top and work your way down. There may be really important things you’re not going to get done because something else that’s more important took your time.

Everyone wants to get everything done but the reality is that you can’t do everything so you have to find other tactics. Either let it go, find a different way to do it, decide you’re not going to do it anymore, or delegate it to someone else.

This Eisenhower urgent and important decision matrix is very helpful and helps you decide where to spend your time.

As you go throughout your day, start thinking about this matrix and seeing where your time is spent.

One of the most valuable areas to hone in on are things that are not urgent but important (#2 on the matrix). Find something this week that’s important to you but isn’t urgent (like a long-term project) and start working on it.