reward people for speaking upOn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, I am going to answer a series of questions from someone who took part in the Disney College Program.

When new people come into the organization with new ideas, how do you share your experience without dampening their enthusiasm or coming across as negative?

When new people join the organization, you should listen to any idea. If you don’t they will be less likely to come to you again. Reward people for speaking up, even if you don’t implement their ideas.

When you change roles, how do you manage to leave behind your old role?

When you leave a role, be clear with people that you are moving on and when someone new moves in, they will make changes. You need to let go of your ego and let the next person make the changes they need to make. At the same time, move slowly towards change in your new role.

Who do you remember who has impacted your life who probably doesn’t remember you?

There are moments in our life we clearly remember and others don’t. For me, it happened when I worked at Disneyland Paris. A leader taught me a lesson about how to give proper attention to detail. And he followed up. It stuck with me and I used the same approach throughout my career.

Did you get actively apply for all of your roles at Disney or were you approached for some of them?

Both. I looked for new roles and new opportunities. But I also let people know I was open for new opportunities. Once people know you are open-minded and willing to take a risk, they will keep you in mind for new opportunities.

What jobs did you apply for that you didn’t get?

Yes. You are not going to get every job or opportunity you want. And I have also turned down jobs I have been offered. If it wasn’t the right fit for me, or I wouldn’t learn something new, I would turn down a job.

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