serve everyone as individualsWe had a listener question on this episode about food allergies and how Disney World works with that. Disney does an excellent job working with food allergies from a real and perceived risk and this listener is curious how Disney tackles this issue so well. We believe we do this well because it stems from our culture at Disney and the reason we exist which is to help guests have the best vacation they’ve ever had.

We’ve listened to feedback and realized it was important to adapt our menus so folks with food allergies can eat too. Safety is one of our standards at Disney so it’s important for us to give people food that’s safe for them. From there, we’ve had to create a process and create special menus for individuals with food allergies. We believe it’s important to serve people well.

Simply from a business perspective, the price of acquiring a new customer is way more expensive than holding onto a current customer. You can hold onto the current customers by catering to their needs and then you have a customer for life.

All of this comes down to knowing what your customers want and need. When you know the answer to this, it will keep you focused on making the right decisions.