After previously discussing the value of common cause, today I want to talk about what training is what it should look like in today’s work world.

Before we train new employees, it’s important to know the difference between training and development. With training, the emphasis centers on technical skills; with development, the core focuses on personal and career growth. Understanding this dichotomy goes a long way in improving the quality and standards of our training.

Once we know how training looks, we can determine how should work in our respective realms. While objectives and matrices may vary, there are certain training standards we must employ. First, training should involve specifics tests for knowledge as opposed to mere completion. Second, training should feature pre-assessment, post-assessment, and/or feedback prompts to ensure knowledge transfer. Lastly, training should ingrain top-down accountability and interactive teamwork into an established work culture.

As you’ll discover in this episode, there are many effective ways to design your training. Whatever measures you take, allowing your employees to engage new learning opportunities can only help keep your company’s work in line.