Opportunities. It’s easy to want them, much harder to chase them.

I know when I was younger, there were times I passively wished for certain outcomes hoping they would fall in my lap. I thought if I just positioned myself right, good things would automatically happen. Yet, as I now know, what you plan for is rarely what occurs. If our pursuit of opportunities is chained to our expectations of them, chances are you won’t get far with the goals you have.

As Jody and I discuss in this episode, when times get tough, don’t just seek a solution; create an opportunity. Sometimes, we’re too desperate to find an answer, we forget how to actively receive an answer. By taking charge and being self-motivated, you can give yourself the advantage to mature your knowledge and influence.

If you want to create a new opportunity tomorrow,  try going online and subscribing to a newsletter you haven’t subscribed to before…learning something new that you don’t know anything about…and connecting with people who have things in common with you and people who don’t have anything in common with you.