Come Rain or Shine Episode 228 Accountability Through Clear Expectations

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Jody Mayberry returns to discuss the importance of accountability through clear expectations.

In a metrics-driven world, we often have expectations but sometimes lack the communication skills to convey them. Yet, as Dan explains, holding people accountable doesn’t have to be complicated. Rather than direct from a distance, why not determine metrics and connection points to discuss those metrics? Why not ask yourself how you’re setting goals with your team and if you’re helping them know how to elevate performance?

While scorecards and reviews can help depending on your areas, the bottom lines are simple: To build a team who continuously improves, you must help each member know their goals, check-ins, and deadlines. You must establish accountability through clear expectations. One way or another, have an accessible document that is more than available but engaged at strategic checkpoints throughout the year.


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“Pick metrics that count.”