Come Rain or Shine Ep 263 Matt Lesser Build Flourishing Organizations

“The more you live in hiddenness and darkness, it doesn’t actually protect you or your spouse. It actually puts a wedge between you.”

Matt Lesser is an experienced business leader with a passion for helping leaders build flourishing organizations by fostering engaged and productive workplaces. Matt’s journey began in a family-owned oil distribution company, where he quickly learned the importance of effective leadership and intentionality in the workplace. Having rebuilt the business from the ground up, Matt moved into private equity, working with organizations worldwide to identify investment opportunities. His journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing though. Matt shares about some of his darker days and the power of therapy on his ability to get up and move forward.

His unique insights have been put together into two books, Unsatisfied: When Less is More and the soon-to-be-released Unengaged: Building Flourishing Organizations. During our conversation Matt shares his knowledge on creating intentional workplace cultures that drive fulfillment and success. He shares the solution to building flourishing organizations through effective leadership and engagement.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover strategies for building thriving organizations through impactful leadership and engagement
  • Uncover the significance of pinpointing your life’s purpose and how it can drive success
  • Learn how to foster an engaging company culture by hiring team members who embody your values
  • Explore the crucial elements of clarity, capability, motivation, and alignment in cultivating productive work environments
  • Realize the power of intentionality and the impact of taking incremental steps toward achieving your goals

Do you want to cultivate a thriving workplace that fosters fulfillment and success? If you would like enhance your leadership skills to create an engaged and productive team then make sure to take a listen to this episode. Learn how to intentionally create workplace cultures that drive satisfaction and achievement, and discover the keys to employee motivation and engagement. There is no better time to unlock the potential of a fulfilled and successful team.

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Episode Highlights

00:02:29 – Matt Lesser’s Background,

00:06:32 – Private Equity and Leadership,

00:08:25 – Unengaged and Unsatisfied,

00:11:03 – Loneliness and Disconnection,

00:12:57 – Rock Bottom and the Power of Therapy

00:19:01 – Reflection and Vulnerability

00:20:10 – The Importance of Human Connection

00:22:45 – Living with Intentionality

00:25:01 – Hiring for Culture Fit vs. Skill Set

00:25:33 – Discovering Your Calling

00:27:28 – Taking the First Step

00:28:45 – Matt Lesser’s Upcoming Book