Come Rain or Shine Episode 255 Rusty Shelton

​​”The speed of trust is dramatically accelerated when you lead as a thought leader with something to teach rather than a company with something to sell.”

Rusty Shelton, founder of Zilker Media, joins this episode to share insights on how entrepreneurs can establish personal authority and thought leadership. He shares his journey in the media industry and how he started Zilker Media to help companies build personal authority. One of the key ways he has been successful building trust with clients and employees is by prioritizing personal branding and thought leadership alongside company marketing.

There is a lot of significance to creating content that focuses on impact, not ego, in order to establish competitive differentiation. Rusty explains that in today’s digital age, personality-driven communication is critical to attracting customers. It is important that businesses are creating a unique and memorable experience that resonates with the audience and communicates the brand’s mission and values. One way to continue to nurture your audience and earn their trust is by building an email list and sharing valuable information regularly.  

In this episode you will learn how to:

  • Transform into an influential leader and acknowledged authority in your field
  • Cultivate a prominent personal brand with a powerful digital footprint
  • Create extraordinary experiences that endear your brand to your customers
  • Foster authentic relationships by weaving emotion and truth into marketing tales
  • Adopt storytelling methods for a more engaging and effective marketing strategy

Make sure to listen to this episode to hear more about how Rusty overcame the struggle of growing his PR firm by shifting to building thought leadership for businesses. This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to learn how to build an authority advantage and be perceived as a mission-driven thought leader with something to teach, not just a company with something to sell.

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Episode Highlights

00:04:31 – Building an Authority Advantage

00:09:39 – Marketing for Individuals

00:11:54 – Authenticity and Trust

00:14:13 – Impactful Content Creation

00:12:50 – The Importance of Authenticity in Branding

00:14:06 – Overdelivering is Critical

00:15:28 – Owning Your Name as a Piece of Digital Real Estate

00:17:37 – Building Trust through Authority by Association

00:25:25 – Marketing in the Age of AI

00:28:11 – The Importance of Being Memorable

00:29:25 – Nurturing Your Audience

00:30:09 – The Power of Referrals

00:35:27 – The Authority Advantage