Come Rain or Shine Episode 213 Dr Rajesh KumarOn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Dr. Rajesh Kumar joins the show to discuss his journey to founding Global Strategic Advisory and the importance of building cross-cultural relationships.

As an international business consultant, Dr. Kumar has utilized multiple degrees across multiple continents. He has earned a Ph.D. degree in International Business from New York University, an MBA from Rutgers University, and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Delhi. Dr. Kumar is passionate about international cultural awareness, especially in economics, business strategy, and management.

With published research papers in academic journals and a pair of coauthored books, Doing Business in India and International Negotiations in India and China: A comparison of the emerging giants, to his credit, Dr. Kumar hopes his career journey can encourage the next generation to embrace cross-cultural skills, organizational diversity, and international relationships.

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“Whether you’re a large organization or maybe a small organization but have different cultures in your meetings…there’s such an opportunity to being curious and having open, candid conversations about how you’re going to connect to the cultures.