Come Rain or Shine Episode 231 Change Things Up Crystal BarrowIn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Crystal Barrow, Certified Career Coach and Consultant, joins the show to discuss her career path and her current role as a career coach.

Before founding Shape Your Success Coaching, Crystal’s vocational journey took many twists and turns. Having worked as a former prosecutor for the Department of Homeland Security, Crystal thrived in courtroom settings and legal environments in her 20s and 30s.

However, in recent years, Crystal has pivoted to academic pursuits, specifically in the career development spectrum. Now, as a certified professional coach, Crystal’s goal is simple: To help professionals make tactical, meaningful career decisions, approach career change with confidence, and not be afraid to change things up.

For more information about her services as well as her #1 Amazon best-seller, ‘Get Your Career Back on Track: 8 Steps to Go From Derailed to Empowered’, check out the links below.





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“Long term, I think all change is good. It helps you learn, it helps you get gritter, and it helps you become more resilient. Even if you made a ‘mistake’ doing something, there’s always positive outcomes of that.”