We live in an ever-changing technological landscape. As time ticks on, more companies are employing cloud solutions over remote alternatives. At least they’re trying to.

However, as Kenneth Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Sentry Cloud, shares in this episode, many businesses are failing to achieve cloud implementation. While the conduits and technology are ready, the people and training programs are miles behind. Despite the cloud being a dynamic tool, security failures and misalignments are causing many projects to stall. And as IT leaders struggle to adapt, new questions emerge.

In particular, what approaches can align business processes with cloud strategy? How can organizations leverage cloud implementation and computing to derive value?

As Kenneth and I discuss, while answers may vary depending on the initiative, as long as leaders engage cloud technology with an “end in mind” mentality, the foundation for adaption will be set. The problem, after all, is not ‘Day 1’, but ‘Day 2’ when the real journey begins.


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