In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Kurt Allen, President, and CEO of Mississippi Aquarium is sharing his journey from working his way through the service industry and the lesson he has learned about decision making.

Over his career, Kurt has worked and led in the places that most dream about visiting. From Pebble Beach to the Big Island in Hawaii and back on the mainland, his journey has helped him hone his ability to make decisions. Whether dealing with people or learning how to train dolphins, the path he’s walked has prepared him for the next season, even when he wasn’t aware.

Decision-making is daunting at most levels. When you are just starting or when you are faced with making a transition, fear of the unknown or making a wrong choice can be paralyzing. What we don’t often except in hindsight is how one experience prepares us for the next. You don’t realize you are learning along the way. You are gaining the building blocks that will allow you to build a strong foundation for future endeavors. Decisions become easier the more confidence you have. Kurt’s equation is spot on: Confidence + Integrity x experience=instinct. As the years go on, if you are operating by this equation, you will develop the instinct needed to make the correct decisions for you. Be willing to take risks and find the path that is right for you.


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