On this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Peter Sage, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and High-Performance Coach, joins the show to unpack the importance of identity and perception in our lives.

Peter has years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt. He has worked with thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and has devoted many years to studying human nature. One of his most impactful experiences was the six months he spent in the most violent prison in the UK as a civil prisoner.

Identity is a big part of what governs our sense of self. When you choose the identity you embrace as you step into challenging situations, you determine who you are and who you come out with. When you know your authentic agenda, you know that you will be taken care of. Wake up with a goal: collecting magic moments. It is possible to create value, even in times that appear hopeless. When faced with a challenge or a devastating circumstance, don’t settle. Get excited about digging yourself out and making a way for those that come behind you. There are ripples of the contribution that you can make when you are focused on others and not yourself. Ask yourself, what magical moment have I created for others today?


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