Huda Idress joins us today to share her international educational and entrepreneurial journey.

Huda was raised in Saudi Arabia by Pakistani parents. She moved to Toronto to pursue her education as an Industrial Engineer.  With a desire to work in health care and have an impact on the world, Huda started down a road that would eventually lead her to create her own company that changed the landscape of healthcare and how it works.

While pursuing placement for her mandatory work experience, Huda applied for a role with Wattpad only to propose a modified one to the CEO. Her boldness and perception paid off; she was hired as an Experience Designer (in addition to the actual job she applied for). Eventually, this led to her founding Dot Health. Dot Health is building a massive network that transacts patient-level health care via a digital transaction and seamlessly transfers data at any provider.

Whether you are an engineer or a leader, designing principles must be in place as you enter a project. Constant iteration is imperative. Don’t wait for perfection. Continue to improve on your product rather than holding it until it’s ready. Providing an open window and getting people into the process will help you produce a better result. Real-time decisions will save an organization in the long run. If you are hiring or seeking to make a change – reverse engineer your desired end and partner with people that fill that goal.  Intrinsically motivated people to solve the problem that we are solving.

When entering the workforce or seeking to grow in an organization, take ownership and initiative. Constantly ask for more and knock it out of the park. Confidence asks for more and builds up a reservoir of goodwill. You don’t have to wait for more responsibility. Ask for it, own it, and back it up.

Knowing your lane is key to making a difference. Whether as an employee, entrepreneur, or an activist, once you identify the impact you can and should make, you can champion it with power and weight.


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