Come Rain or Shine Episode 253 Jake Buzaid“The best thing to do is just start doing something.”

When the pandemic struck, Jake Buzaid and his cousin Dale embraced their entrepreneurial spirit to create a beverage company. They wanted something that celebrates togetherness and connection the way they often do with their family. Combining their respective experiences in hospitality and retail they created Curation Beverage Company, offering a range of innovative alcoholic beverages.

Jake’s expertise in crafting strong branding strategies for consumer-facing businesses has been instrumental in the success of Curation Beverage. They continue to set the company apart in a competitive market by offering a brand that resonates with consumers through powerful storytelling and emotional connections.

During this episode you will learn how to:

  • Build a powerful and unforgettable brand that appeals to consumers
  • Master the art of product testing to guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction
  • Stay ahead of the curve by catering to ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences
  • Amplify your marketing efforts through in-person demonstrations and influential strategies
  • Thrive in your entrepreneurial journey by embracing diversity, discipline, and surrounding yourself with capable mentors

This is a brand that celebrates connection, so make sure to connect with Jake and follow Curation Beverage on social media for updates on new products, events, and promotions. Likewise, embrace the art of bringing people together over great food and drink. If you’re in Colorado, make sure to look for Curation Beverage products at local liquor store

Thank you, Jake, for sharing how to craft a powerful and meaningful brand that resonates with your customers. Through visualization, testing, and adaptation, we can all curate a brand worth remembering.

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Episode Highlights

00:03:08 – Starting Curation Beverage

00:07:14 – Branding and Packaging

00:10:18 – Curation Beverage Products

00:12:01 – Emotional Connection with Product

00:13:09 – Marketing Strategies

00:16:34 – Tips for Starting a Company

00:17:52 – Favorite Products