Come Rain or Shine Episode 252 Driving Impact through Sustainability Bridgette McAdoo“Sustainability can drive so much across your business if you truly integrate it and support it in a proper way.”

Have you heard the myths that sustainability only focuses on the environmental? Or that society does not need to be considered when discussing sustainability and that governance does not matter? It can be difficult to define sustainability across these three facets, but Bridgette McAdoo is here to set the record straight and debunk myths about driving impact through sustainability.

In an insightful episode of the Come Rain or Shine podcast, Dan Cockerell interviews Bridgette McAdoo, a renowned specialist in sustainability and social impact. Bridgette is the VP and Chief Sustainability Officer of Genesys Corporation, where she focuses on environmental, societal, and governance aspects of sustainability. She is a dedicated sustainability leader with an impressive background working with organizations including the World Wildlife Fund, Yum Brands, Pizza Hut, and KFC. Bridgette started her career as a contractor to NASA, working on a space shuttle and the space station. While pursuing her MBA, she discovered her passion for sustainability and its potential for making a positive impact on the world.

Some of the ways your organization can make an impact:

  • Develop an understanding of sustainability throughout environmental, societal, and governance factors.
  • Incorporate sustainable practices into your company’s culture and strategic approaches.
  • Drive employee engagement in sustainable initiatives fostering meaningful organizational change.
  • Evaluate the interplay between influencer roles, stakeholder identification, and targeted communication tactics.
  • Direct customers toward cloud-based platforms to minimize carbon footprint and manage energy consumption.

This conversation really highlights ways that professionals can improve their organization’s commitment to sustainability. Throughout her work on sustainability projects, Bridgette has made sure to emphasize the importance of an approach that encompasses environmental, societal, and governance factors. Teamwork plays is a vital role in achieving sustainability goals and makes an impact on retaining employees. Bridgette does a fantastic job of laying out ways that people can drive meaningful change within their companies.

“Sustainability is a team sport, it’s not just my job as the Chief Sustainability officer. It the job of every single person to get us to where we want to go.”

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Episode Highlights

00:06:34 – organizational sustainability is connected across various facets of the organization, including environmental, societal, and governance perspectives.

00:12:42 – sustainability is a team effort and a holistic approach to driving change in a responsible and sustainable way.

00:13:27 – efficiency and partnership in achieving sustainability. For example, her company has obtained lead certification for two main offices, partnered with AWS for renewable energy, and focused on upcycling and recycling assets. Volunteerism and education are also key components.

00:15:00 – sustainability issues are interconnected, including diversity, equity, supplier procurement, and compliance initiatives. By looking at them holistically, businesses can add more value to their operations.

00:17:24 – the CEO needs to be a big advocate of sustainability, but the CFO and finance team also play a huge role. It’s important to get leadership involved early and set clear expectations, including financial disclosures for sustainability initiatives.

00:19:43 – regulations around sustainable reporting are coming down the pipeline and businesses need to be prepared. Transparency and financial disclosures will be key, and finance and sustainability need to work closely together.

00:25:18 – there is a need for a business case for sustainability initiatives, as they can impact financials, client relationships, employee retention, and values. Companies need to match the values of their employees and customers to remain competitive in the market.

00:27:16 – sustainability helps to avoid or improve qualitative and reputational risk, which is just as important as financial benefits. Millennials and Gen Z value a company’s reputation and sustainability commitments when considering employment.

00:32:42 – sustainability is about telling the same story ten different ways, tailored to the audience’s needs. Bridget emphasizes the importance of making people feel like they can be a part of the change and not overwhelmed by the urgency of the situation.