Kerri MacPherson, a former 20 year Disney cast member, joins me today to share her story. Originally from Melrose, MA, Kerri entered the wonderful world of Disney through the Disney University Program. Over the years, she found herself in many roles, from the Fellowship Ambassador program in Epcot to Disney cruise line reservation agent to the 2008 Walt Disney World Ambassador and membership manager of Club 33.

In all of her roles, and through all of her experiences, one thing has become clear. The value of the feedback we receive, and the importance of understanding how to apply it has become a unifying theme for Kerri. Embracing authenticity and knowing who you are will help you to ingest the feedback you receive and be better for it. Our mindset is key and understanding that will allow us to receive, process, and move on from circumstances we encounter.

In today’s volatile terrain, Kerri has responded to adversity by lifting others even as she lifts herself. Whether it is via her Facebook group for furloughed cast members or in her success coaching business, her message is clear. It is not enough to be attached to something temporal – a person, place, or thing. Those things can come and go. Being attached to a feeling, a vision, will carry you through difficulty and present you as a stronger person on the other side.

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