Come Rain or Shine Episode 261 Wendy Steele

“We all have the responsibility to leave the world a little bit better than we found it.”

Wendy Steele is a passionate advocate for women’s involvement in philanthropy and the mastermind behind Impact 100 Global. With a background in economics and banking, she has a keen understanding of the importance of financial empowerment and independence for women. During our conversation she talks about realizing that outdated ideas about philanthropy were keeping many women from making a difference in their communities, so she set out to change that.

As the founder and CEO of Impact 100 Global, Wendy has helped the organization collectively grant over $123 million during its first 20 years. She works to empower women to pool their resources together and make an impact on the causes they care about. Her forward-thinking approach to giving is truly transformative.

During this episode, Wendy helps us:

  • Discover the power of impactful giving specifically for women and its potential to change lives
  • Uncover the unique approach of Impact 100 and how pooling resources leads to significant grants
  • Explore the process of breaking down barriers in philanthropy for women and fostering inclusivity
  • Dive into the five key focus areas of Impact 100’s grant giving and why they matter
  • Delve into exclusive insights from the book “Invitations to Impact” and how it can inspire community transformation

If you or a woman you know has been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the barriers preventing you from making a difference in the world through philanthropy, then you are not alone. Thankfully, Wendy does a great job of showing that there are ways to break through these barriers and achieve meaningful philanthropy. Take a listen and make sure to share this episode with someone else who is looking to make an impact through philanthropy.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:39 – Wendy’s Background

00:05:36 – Impact 100 Model

00:09:19 – Examples of Impact Projects

00:15:26 – The Importance of Ownership in Impact

00:16:50 – Making a Difference No Matter How Small

00:18:02 – Generosity and Impact

00:21:03 – Invitation to Impact Book

00:23:42 – Impact 100 and Getting Involved