Come Rain or Shine Episode 254 Shereen Kassam“The one thing you can do that separates you from everyone else is talk about your life.”

After years of corporate hustle and hard work, Shereen Kassam left it all behind in pursuit of a good laugh.  Inspired by her parents’ tireless pursuit of the American Dream, Shereen initially followed a traditional career path.  She was working with renowned companies such as Deloitte, Amazon, and Disney Parks and Resorts. However, an impulsive visit to a comedy show ignited a passion that she couldn’t ignore.

Despite initial resistance from her family and the pressures of being a comedian of color, Shereen discovered her authentic voice and purpose on stage. During our conversation, Shereen shares valuable insights into embracing risk, resilience, and pursuing one’s passions. As we recorded she shared that she is on the brink of fulfilling her dream of making people laugh at the Orlando Fringe Festival. As excited as she is, she is transparent in her continuous work to overcome her own fears, the high expectations of her family, and the toxicity of social media.

During our conversation you will:

  • Discover ways to follow your passion and find purpose beyond traditional corporate jobs
  • Learn how to challenge stereotypes and barriers faced by comedians of color in the industry
  • Unlock the secrets to embracing your creative and authentic voice in comedy writing and performing
  • Uncover the path to transitioning from a first-time comedian to a full-time professional artist
  • Master the art of maintaining harmony between your personal life, public image, and handling social media criticism

This episode offers an abundance of inspiration for comedians and anyone considering a professional change. Make sure to share it with anyone else that could use reminders about the value of taking risks and the healing power of laughter. Or use it as motivation for anyone seeking a more fulfilling career path.

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Episode Highlights:

00:01:11 – Shereen’s Background

00:04:26 – Realizing Something was Missing

00:06:16 – Starting Out in Comedy

00:08:42 – Life as a Professional Entertainer

00:11:26 – Accepting a Career in Comedy

00:12:28 – The Orlando Fringe Festival

00:13:11 – Connecting with Shereen

00:13:46 – Pursuing What You Want