On this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Marla Isackson, CEO Of Ossa Podcast Network, joins the show to discuss her heart to help women find their voice.

After a productive marketing career working for American Express, Marla explains why she left and started the only women’s podcasting network in existence today. As an entrepreneur and coach in the field, Marla hopes a free membership and consumer segmentation base will inspire women to professionalize their podcasting and make money with or without networking.

For those looking to branch into podcasting, Marla advises incorporating a personal mantra when creating a mindset and to know the customer through relationship and feedback integration. If interested in joining the platform, please find Marla’s contact information and website below.


E-mail: marla@ossacollective.com

Website: www.ossacollective.com

Website: Joinossa.com (application on website)

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