Frank Iovine shares how his experience in the NYPD opened his eyes to the real issue of suicide and mental health. As a follower of Stoic philosophy, Frank shares how reshaping perceptions and cultivating gratitude can help those struggling with self-care.

Suicide is one of the most impactful things a person can struggle with or walk through. Often, it is not about wanting to die; it is about how they want the pain to end. There are warning signs that we must all be aware of, the biggest of which is a total behavioral change. Sudden and unexplained changes can be a warning sign and should not be ignored. If you are concerned that someone you know or love may be struggling with suicidal thoughts, don’t be afraid to ask; you aren’t planting the seed.

Suicide comes from being overwhelmed by pain, which can be driven by perception. Frank is a proponent of the stoic philosophy to assist in mental health and wellness. According to the Stoics, is cultivated through a focus on gratitude and what is within your control: your thoughts and reactions. By prioritizing self-care, we develop a lifestyle that is healthy for us. It creates a space where negatives become positives and cultivate the discipline needed to live a life of gratitude.







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