Come Rain or Shine Podcast Episode 211 Bob EckertOn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Bob Eckert, CEO at New & Improved, joins the show to discuss the importance of fostering curiosity in the next generation.

Bob has been involved in the business of helping people reach their highest potential in one way or another for the last thirty years. As an academic and constant learner at heart, Bob explains the goal of his not-for-profit as promoting growth mindsets from businesses to families.

He has a desire to help organizations facilitate their corporate brain trust to improve processes and systems. Bob hopes to inspire positive attitudes via curiosity. Not only through New & Improved, but also Facilitators Without Borders where he serves as an advisor.

His training and coaching skills have the ability to make change efforts stick and he has written extensively about innovation leadership. There is plenty of evidence to show that Bob is working diligently on fostering curiosity in the next generation.

For more information about New & Improved, including his articles and books, visit Bob’s website below.




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“Help your kids find their mastery…expose them to a lot of things…and [from there] they’ll start to gravitate towards certain things.”