Come Rain or Shine Episode 249 JJ Eubanks From Basketball to Business Owner
“I learned that love and kindness, not just education, but loving, kindness, being kind to people can go a long way.”

JJ Eubanks did not let a challenging background slow him down. He worked his way to professional basketball before making his next big play into business ownership. It has not been an easy road, but he is now happily the co-owner of Magical Vacation Planner (MVP) alongside his wife Jamie, the CEO and owner. He is an experienced entrepreneur and businessperson, having worked in the corporate world and having developed training departments in the furniture industry.

JJ had a difficult childhood, moving nine times in a year and going to five different high schools in four years. His life changed when he got a Division One scholarship to play basketball. It was during this time, he developed an appreciation for education and the power of kindness.

After college, JJ was able to use his knowledge to succeed in the corporate world, and then later as an entrepreneur. During this transition, he met Jamie, the most beautiful person he had ever seen. The couple has grown together to become successful business partners. Despite the struggles of his past, JJ has used his determination and resilience to create a successful future.

In this episode, you will learn:
1. how JJ Eubanks went from living in nine different homes in a year and struggling financially to having a successful career in Europe
2. how JJ and his wife Jamie meet, and the secret to their successful relationship
3. how JJ applies the lessons he learned in basketball to his current business ventures, and his advice for improving processes

Episode Highlights

JJ grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. His parents had a difficult time when he was growing up. He credits several people with putting him on the right path. He went on to play basketball in Europe, which he says is the best thing that ever happened to him

When you know you’re going to another country to do something that you love, play the game of basketball, and going to get paid for it, you don’t have to worry about money. That made the move a lot easier.

Jamie is the visionary of the company, and JJ is more behind the scenes helping her execute upon that plan. How can others work with their spouse to execute on idea susccessfully?

When I was in the furniture industry, manufacturing, we used to do weekly events to improve flow. The one tip that I would have is listen to the people that’s doing the job. Experience the experience to be a customer or a client with your organization.

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