Come Rain or Shine Episode 214 James Johnson Grassroot GratitudeOn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, retired Major General James Johnson joins the show to discuss  Operation Gratitude.

As a senior executive with over three decades of leadership experience in the United States Air Force, James explains the origins of Operation Gratitude and its role in allowing civilians to give to military and first responders. Having learned from his father, James hopes the volunteer service goes beyond operation and inspires the next generation to make generosity a contagious element for supporters nationwide.

As the Chief Executive Officer for Operation Gratitude, James leads a team of professionals and grass-roots volunteers and supporters, with the mission to honor the service of our military and first responders by creating opportunities for Americans to express their gratitude.

James also shares some guidance for new job seekers and the health of organizations that train and develop their prospects from day one.



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“A lot of people don’t get involved in things because they don’t think they can give something to make a difference. That’s not how it works. Doing anything makes a difference.”