Come Rain or Shine Episode 218 Leadership Through Clarity

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Jody and I dig into one of the leadership competencies concepts I am working on, specifically leadership through clarity.

One way I bring clarity is through the Three Buckets. The priority order I set when making decisions is self, family, and work. Taking care of yourself through health and stress management is a way to help you have enough clarity to lead through other decisions. You will also have more clarity on the behaviors you have toward your family and the way you approach your work.

These may change over time. Just make sure you continue to have clarity on what’s important to you, and what you do each day to support those priorities. This also is important at work. Make sure to give clarity on expectations to the people that work there. High performers like clarity because it lets them know what the rules are while still having the opportunity to make things better.

How do you get clarity on the things you need to do each day? What are your three buckets?

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“Clarity creates consistency. Customers, guests, and clients love consistency”.