come Rain or Shine Episode 221 Living your best lifeIn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Diana Noble discusses living your best life through the ups and downs of being a serial entrepreneur.

As a business coach and consultant, Diana understands a thing or two about optimizing time and money. While many entrepreneurs burn out early, Diana knows the contrary, specifically how to leverage finances and resources to create more time and margin.

Per her experience as a business owner and leadership connoisseur, one must be active, present, and balanced to reap success. When demand and stress start to outweigh performance capacity, at that point, one must assess short versus long-term goals. For instance, while a savvy leader is constantly aware of long-term goals through the day-to-day, he also sees short-term goals as the way to start each day.

Granted, this may not simplify the road for an entrepreneur; however, it certainly lays a steady foundation for influence to follow.

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