Come Rain or Shine Episode 275 Valerie Cockerell

“We need to give women the confidence that they can do it, and then educate men about what women can bring to the table” – Valerie Cockerell

Inspired by her mother’s regrets and the desire to share her own insights, Valerie Cockerell set out to write a book that would provide practical advice on leadership. She noticed that while many resources discussed leadership theories, there was a lack of actionable steps. Valerie aimed to bridge this gap, offering tangible guidance to help people navigate their own leadership journeys. What was most crucial to Valerie was the realization that she had taken breaks in her career, whether due to relocating or prioritizing her family. These experiences shaped her perspective and added depth to the wisdom she wanted to share with others.

As Valerie reflects on her career and accomplishments, she talks about how she wishes she had known certain things earlier in her professional journey. One of the biggest being the importance of focusing on the basics. This includes  things such as setting expectations, providing proper training, offering feedback, and effective time management. In a complex and challenging world, focusing on these basics can prevent us from feeling overwhelmed. Just like in tennis, where going back to basics helps improve overall performance, the same principle applies to leadership.

During our conversation, Valerie mentions a study that found having more women in a group increases the collective IQ and leads to more effective collaboration. She shares more about reason women make such a notable impact in organizations. Three justifications include that women are often better listeners, more open to constructive criticism, and possess emotional intelligence. By working towards gender parity, we can benefit everyone in the workplace and create a more inclusive and productive environment.

Take a listen to this incredible converation with Valerie. You can also join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ManageLikeAMother and share your own stories about the powerful influence of mothers. And of course, make sure to order Valerie’s book, “Manage Like a Mother,” available on Amazon.

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 Episode Highlights

[00:03:48] Focusing on basics improves performance and eases complexity.

[00:08:10] Reflect on your mother’s actions to lead better.

[00:10:59] Women have better collaboration and emotional intelligence.

[00:15:15] Men need to educate themselves, be self-aware, and invite and value feedback for improvement in order to be true allies.

[00:20:23] Moms manage crises and provide helpful insights.

[00:24:02] Resilient mom overcomes challenges, learns to drive.

[00:25:09] 72-year-old woman learns to drive, still drives at 91.