We all have a purpose; we all have potential.

Yet, as Andy Storch explains, to maximize this potential, we must first turn strategy into action. For instance, to better develop our career skills, we should engage our connections and reach out to those who excel in the fields we’re pursuing.

In Andy’s case, he has many strengths as an entrepreneur with industry exposure to sales, finance, and innovation; however, it’s his drive to make the most of his partners and mentors that have set him apart. As his story reminds us, building your network can go a long way, both in defining your brand and sharing your expertise with the world.

Sometimes, to build a career, you must first develop relationships with people in fields you’re interested in. The question: What will be your first move with what you have received?

This networking piece is so important…the idea [of building] genuine relationships with people. I don’t think people understand you plant these seeds, you make these investments and because you want to help people…there’s going to be opportunities for them to connect you with other people and that’s how most of this works.”


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