Come Rain or Shine Episode 282 Pay Attention to the Person In Front of You

“You create your own luck.’ When you engage in conversations with strangers, you never know what it may turn into – a pleasant conversation, a business opportunity, or even a friendship.”

Paying attention is a powerful tool in your leadership toolkit. It shows respect, builds trust, and opens doors to unexpected opportunities. It’s a behavior that can make a significant difference in leadership and relationship-building. Being present and fully focused on the person in front of you is key.

Being present and engaging with the people around me is something I actively work on, even during his travels. Whether it’s the organizer of the event or a stranger at a dinner. Take a moment to acknowledge someone, ask questions, listen, and pay attention.

If you want to effectively pay attention, there a few tactics that help avoid distraction.

  1. Create an environment where you can fully engage without interruptions.
  2. Ask questions. The more you inquire, the deeper the connection becomes.
  3. Be genuinely interested. Be eager to learn about the people you interact with and their experiences.
  4. Reset when entering a room. Focus on the present moment, leaving behind any distractions from the past.

The power of paying attention goes beyond just building relationships. It contributes to trust, rapport, and, ultimately, success. When leaders prioritize paying attention, it creates an environment where people feel valued and connected. I remember once walking with Bob Iger, where Bob’s undivided attention made me feel like the most important person in the world. Leaders who pay attention create powerful connections.

Remember that paying attention is not limited to personal relationships. It also applies to the workplace. Distractions can hinder collaboration and productivity. Set aside time for focused conversations with teammates, leaving devices and distractions behind.

Take a moment to consciously practice these tactics and see the impact it has on your relationships, both at work and in your personal life. Embrace the power of paying attention and watch your relationships and success grow.

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Episode Highlights

01:27 Pay attention to people for effective leadership, communication, and relationship building.

04:43 Nonverbals are a powerful way to communicate, including in unintended ways

06:48 Interactions can lead to unexpected opportunities and relationship

11:29 Listening with intent helps uncover new connections and opportunities.

12:40 Being present earns respect.

17:43 Eliminating distractions for focused quality time with family and at work.