Come Rain or Shine Episode 267 People Matter and They Should Know It “People really want to know that they have value. We can bring that to them in leadership positions, leadership roles.”

I had a pretty cool experience a couple months ago and I made a note of it because I knew it would be a great podcast topic. The story really reinforces something we’ve talked about before. It’s the idea that people matter and they need to know they matter. Whether that is in companies, employees, family members or friends, people really want to know that they have value.

During a trip to Atlanta, my wife, Valerie, and I stayed with our friends Rick and Vicky. Rick is semi retired now, but he’s a guy he can never stop. He always has to be doing something. It just so happened that the night before we arrived Rick stepped in to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. They have a rotation where they need men to go spend the night at a homeless shelter and manage it. They are there to keep order, make sure everything’s okay, people are safe, et cetera.

During his shift, a man approached him with a request to be quizzed for his driver’s license exam. Despite not owning a car, the man simply wanted to prove to himself that he could achieve something. This simple but powerful interaction has stuck with me since. It highlighted the human desire for validation and accomplishment. It serves as a great reminder that leaders can cultivate this feeling of value in their team members, regardless of their role or status.

One of the best ways to build relationships is by taking an interest in others’ achievements and supporting them, both in personal and professional settings. Genuine empathy, kindness, and understanding in leadership roles goes a long way. By truly listening, being present, and offering guidance, leaders can create a positive and supportive environment that fosters growth and achievement. Take a listen to this episode then apply the lessons Jody and I share in your own life to create a positive impact on others.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:08 – Story of Rick at the Homeless Shelter

00:04:16 – Bringing Value to Others

00:06:17 – Examples of Showing Others They Matter

00:09:46 – Everyone Matters

00:12:24 – The Power of Curiosity and Connection

00:13:17 – The Fear of Vulnerability

00:14:11 – The Importance of Professionalism

00:16:13 – The Impact of Leadership Actions

00:17:54 – Cultivating a Culture of Value