I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Our paths to success don’t follow straight lines but evolve through unexpected twists and turns.

Take today’s guest, Greg Spillane, for instance. A former Division I athlete and MBA graduate from the University of South California, the transformation from football player to serial entrepreneur and CEO of Fancy, a technology-based platform, featured many growing pains. However, by recalibrating through disappointment and discovery, he learned to make the most of where his journey took him.

As a virtual innovator and relational motivator, Greg not only enjoys building technology companies but helping organizations align early in their formation. Per his experience, the human aspect should never detach from business decisions. While many want to lead by example, only a few know how to inspire people along the way. Accordingly, if leaders are faithful to pursue the people behind their passions, no question they will ignite better performance and morale.


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