As we’ve discussed in prior episodes, asking the right questions can make or break your business.

What processes and products should we adapt? Who should we hire to handle these responsibilities? The list goes on and on.

However, as I explain in this episode when we integrate root cause analysis, an interrogative technique developed by Sakichi Toyoda, into our communication practices, we ultimately address the white elephants in our company. For instance, if you notice a set of complex instructions, ask a series of ‘why’ questions to anticipate misunderstandings and simplify the language. From there, you can use similar means to develop long-term strategies for high-performance management.

My charge to you, the listener, is to seek the root of your corporate problems rather than slap Band-Aids on them. Dare to discover what’s overlooked and confront what’s not working through this method. No doubt, you’ll find the results to be game-changers for your organization’s goals and outcomes.

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