Come Rain or Shine Episode 271 The Freedom of Doing Something Different

Just change your mind and do something differently. Changing your beliefs and assumptions can lead to different results in your life. – Dan Cockerell

During our time in California, my wife Valerie and I took a 20-mile hike. I relished the challenge, but as the miles accumulated, so did the discomfort. My body protested, my mind amplified the pain, and I found myself questioning why I had put myself in this situation. However, a phrase started to resonate with me: pain is temporary.

Over and over, I repeated it. The more I said it I noticed that my mindset began to shift. Each step became less a hardship and more a triumph. I stopped focusing on the immediate discomfort and started enjoying the scenery, the weather, the company. I realized that just changing my thoughts had a profound effect on my experience.

This has since become a guiding principle for me. Pain is temporary. However, the lessons you learn and the experiences you have are permanent. Shifting your mindset isn’t easy and it certainly does not happen overnight. The the learning, the growth, the joy that come from the temporary discomfort make it worth it. Do not dismiss the power of positive mindset and the profound impact it can have on our experiences.

Many time we limit our own personal growth by holding on to existing beliefs and assumptions. Emergencies and challenges aren’t always expected, but it is smart to have a plan to guide you through them. This is the same for our personal and professional life. Be proactive when planning the direction you want your business to go and be prepared to adapt to new opportunities.

Make sure to listen to this conversation between Jody and I, especially if you are navigating a bit of discomfort in life. We talk about the power of mindset and beliefs and the ways they can help you overcome challenges and create new opportunities.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:26 – Mindset and Dealing with Pain

00:04:57 – Magical Vacation Planner and Hiking

00:08:26 – Changing Beliefs and Mindset Shifts

00:10:26 – Focusing on the United States Market

00:12:15 – Taking Action and Finding Solutions

00:13:27 – Changing Mindsets and Being Proactive

00:14:42 – The Power of Action and Learning

00:16:03 – Changing Habits and Creating Success

00:18:15 – Addressing Worries and Overcoming Challenges