Come Rain or Shine Episode 217 Adam Alfia The Future of FeedbackIn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Adam Alfia joins the show to discuss how his technology company, Feedback, is making waves around the future of feedback and the value of personal assistance.

A respected businessman, Adam unpacks his transition from automotive repair entrepreneur to virtual hospitality pioneer. Feedback was founded by Adam Alfia and Kfir Alfia in 2016. Their combined experience of highly prolific entrepreneurship spans three decades. Since starting Feedback in 2016, Adam has grown the brand into partnerships with Infiniti, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Audi, AARP, and several other national brands. His goal is to encourage customers to use their platforms to make their voices known regarding their corporate experiences.

Adam is a co-founder of the franchised restaurant chain Shell Shack, which now has 8 restaurants in Texas and is currently expanding nationally. With a firmly-entrenched background in high-end hospitality and entertainment, Adam eventually co-founded several bar and night club concepts including Avenu Lounge, Theory Night Club, Playground, and Cutie Pies pizza concept in Uptown Dallas. He is also an investor in the successful concepts Landmark, TXR, and The Yard in Fort Worth, TX

With skillsets tailored to customer listening, Adam hopes his innovative groundwork in developing online virtual assistance programs will continue to leave an impact.

For information about Adam’s work and more insight into the future of feedback, check out his company website below.


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