Come Rain or Shine Episode 220 Danay Lea The Future of Outdoor SportsIn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Danay Lea, Advisor to the CEO of the Abu Dhabi Security Exchange, discusses the future of outdoor sports.

As one who helps large companies solve problems, Danay has a keen eye for projection and evaluation. Such skill has also carried over into his passion for outdoor sports. Per Danay, as the working world becomes increasingly remote, the rise in flexibility and innovation are profiting industries like outdoor sports.

Additionally, the sustaining popularity of outdoor sports will continue as people invest in trusted brands and products they respect. Like broader markets, large companies in the outdoor sports stream should continue to drive healthy competition to help smaller markets find their voice.

Despite setbacks in recent years, Danay believes the future of outdoor sports is bright and will continue to emerge as technology and accessibility create opportunities for the next generation of interest.






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“…enjoying life being a human. There’s something to that and using technology to connect and where we want to be…I think a blend of those two things is a direction in my mind where we should be going.”