Come Rain or Shine Episode 233 The Ingredients of StorytellingIn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Jamie Dixon, storyteller extraordinaire, joins the show to discuss storytelling and drawing inspiration from cross-cultural experiences.

As a coach, trainer, and author of three books, Jaime has worked with over 150 companies over the past decade educating business leaders in English, Mandarin, and storytelling. Having spent 15 years living in China, Jamie also unpacks the influence of Chinese culture on psychology, philosophy, and mental frameworks.

One of these frameworks, Relate, Challenge, and Resolve, is not only a metaphor for how the mind works but a technique that helps shape good stories. Other methods include Show Don’t Tell, Analogies and Metaphors, and Contrast. As Jamie explains, these practices are necessary for simplifying complex narratives and making relatable tropes memorable; however, like any process, the timing of implement is essential.

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