They say a good story only needs a good storyteller.

If this is true, consider Chris Lindsley, today’s guest.

A writer of many hats, Chris Lindsley has 35 years of experience serving as editor of a national sports magazine for kids, a consumer health newsletter, and a contributor to the Washington Post.

However, his best work is arguably his first book, Land of Fun: The Story of an Amusement Park for the Ages. As he shares in this episode, the memoir is based on lessons learned during six summers operating rides and games at Funland in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Encouraged by the co-founder, Al Fasnacht, and his family, Lindsley’s testimonial features personal stories and reflections from colleagues who also worked at the amusement park.

And although Funland itself may be a discovery to most readers, Lindsley hopes his recollection will resonate with people, specifically the leadership and relational principles he gathered during his tenure.



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